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Since Jewish-owned Blogspot has censored -- totally removed -- the original blog, it has been resurrected here as a static archive. The archived pages do not contain a link back to this index, so please bookmark this page for your convenience. Some of the links on the archived pages are dead and do not function, but the main content can be read just as originally published. Most of the full articles are in the yearly archives, but some articles that weren't included in full there have their own separate links. No articles were written in 2015 and 2017, and the last article was posted in 2018. -- Kevin Alfred Strom.


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Covington Responds

Covington Will Hijack Your Identity

Covington Knows What He Is Doing

Covington's Lame Attempt at an Excuse

Harold Covington Calls Dr. William Pierce a Coward

Harold Covington calls Dr. William Pierce a Federal Informant

Is There Any Reason to Be Circumspect About Karl Allen?

On the Murder of George Lincoln Rockwell

Telltale Signs That I Did Not Write This

The Genesis of Covington's Vendetta Against Hunter Wallace and Robert Campbell

Two Covington Lies Demolished

The Perils of Hobbyism by Dr. William L. Pierce

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