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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dr. William Pierce on the Death of Robert Jay Mathews (1984)

Response to a Lie

In a podcast of 9 June 2011, Harold Covington ridiculously claimed that Dr. William Pierce "did everything he could to distance himself from" and "publicly denounced" Robert Jay Mathews; Covington even accused Dr. Pierce of "denying he'd ever met" Mathews. He claimed that Dr. Pierce had tried to hide the fact that Mathews even gave the speech quoted on the first page of this National Alliance Bulletin. Covington most likely finds it hilarious to tell such outrageous lies and have people actually believe what he says. Click here to listen to the soundbite of Covington's outrageous lying. 

This Bulletin really makes the case by itself, but additional details can be read here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tom Metzger on Harold Covington's Personal Attacks

During 2010 Tom Metzger appeared on Jim Giles' Radio Free Mississippi podcast, where Giles asked Metzger his views of some prominent White racialists. When Giles asked about Harold Covington, the following was said:

Giles: I am just looking at the ADL list, and one other person that comes to mind that's not on the list is Harold Covington.

Metzger: Oh boy. That's like putting a cross up in front of a vampire to me. There's only one person I think I really hate in this struggle, and it's Harold Covington.

Giles: That's interesting. Why is that?

Metzger: Well, because he took it beyond politics during the trial and after the trial [in which Will Williams successfully sued Harold Covington for libel].
He got personal. He started putting things out about me, and I don't really understand why it ever got started. He said I was a drunk, and I did all this stuff, and everybody knew it wasn't true.  He said when my wife was dying, I had left her in a welfare ward in the hospital. It was all lies, and he was putting out all these lies. 
I think the reason for it is, I supported Ben Klassen, with the COTC. Ben and I had a stormy relationship, but I respected him highly. And Covington hated him, and he even started rumors about him killing a skinhead and all this kind of stuff, which was totally untrue. But because I supported Klassen, I think that's the reason he went after me, and he put out some terrible things.
Politically you can attack me and I can say, "Oh well," because other guys attack me and I don't get all bent out of shape. [...] But when he attacked my wife, and that I was a drunk, and all this kind of stuff, that's going beyond the line.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Letters of Praise from Famous People to Harold Covington

Carlos Whitlock Porter

A letter purporting to be from  Carlos Whitlock Porter, author of Not Guilty at Nuremberg and The Truth about Rhodesia, appeared in Harold Covington's free Resistance newsletter on the occasion of Hitler's birthday in 1997:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Genesis of Harold Covington's Vendetta against Hunter Wallace and Robert Campbell

 This account was originally posted on Occidental Dissent.

The incident happened about a year ago.

I was on the road traveling in North Carolina at the time. While I was gone, Jack Ryan had posted a link to a Radio Free Northwest podcast, and Harold Covington showed up here to respond to his critics (Will Williams, I think) in the comments.

Apparently, Covington was using several sockpuppets to defend himself and to make it look like he had lots of followers. The sockpuppets were all coming from the same IP address in Washington state.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Telltale Signs That I Did Not Write This

Since last April it has been demonstrated that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog contains posts falsely attributed to Ron Doggett and Fred Streed, which have the obvious purpose of contributing speciously to Covington's credibility. Thereafter Jerry Abbott came forth and stated that in the mid-1990s Covington had also pretended to be him, although in Abbott's case Covington was doing it more to discredit him than to bolster himself.

Recently Harold Covington has drastically increased the frequency with which he makes fake posts on his blog in my name. He first did it in January 2011 when he had "Hadding Scott" admit to being "one of Cass Sunstein’s Cognitive Dissonance operatives," which was the fiction that Covington was peddling about me at the time.

Now he is making fake posts in my name that are a bit more believable.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Harold Covington Calls Dr. William Pierce a Coward

In his podcast of 9 June 2011 Harold Covington played the well known recording of Robert Jay Mathews' speech at the 1983 annual Labor Day gathering of the National Alliance. Covington described it as "a very rare recording." That may be true insofar as there are not many recordings of Robert Mathews, but this recording, with an introductory commentary by Dr. Pierce, has been freely available online, first through and now through, for some years now.

The speech as found online has an introductory and concluding commentaty from Dr. Pierce. (Click here to listen.)

Covington concealed the existence of Dr. Pierce's commentary on Mathews' speech from his audience, telling them that Dr. Pierce had "tried to bury" the recording for years as part of a general attempt to dissociate himself publicly from Robert Mathews.

Covington repeats the completely unsubstantiated claim that Dr. Pierce received $300,000 from Matthews, asserting that "everybody and his dog in the movement knows," which is simply a lie. By agreement with other members of the Order Mathews was supposed to give Dr. Pierce $50,000, the same amount that several others allegedly received. It is purely a matter of speculation as to whether Mathews really gave him more than that, and if so, how much more. Covington's claim that Dr. Pierce received $300,000 from Mathews is pure speculation.*

The main focus here however is on the more unusual and surprising -- one might even say absurd -- accusation that Dr. Pierce for some years tried to suppress the fact that he had ever known Robert Mathews.

I knew that National Vanguard Books had been selling cassettes of Robert Mathews' 1983 speech at least as of the early 1990s when I bought my copy from National Vanguard Books. To learn what was done with the recording in the 1980s, I had to make inquiries.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Covington Still Putting Fake Posts on his own Blog

In April it was brought to the attention of Ron Doggett and Fred Streed that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog bore comments favorable toward Covington that were attributed to them. Both men subsequently posted on VNN Forum emphatic declarations that they were not responsible for those comments. Fred Streed referred to Covington as "Tubby" and Ron Doggett went so far as to declare: "If any 'movement' Northwest or otherwise has Covington as its main spokesperson it is doomed regardless of any other issues." (14 April 2011)

Within a few days, Covington put on a dramatic performance in which he alleged that the fraudulent posts had been made by others, whom he called "humorists." This was not a very convincing explanation, since Covington has sovereign control over the content of his blogs (with no comment appearing without prior approval) and was certainly aware before April 2011 that Fred Streed and Ron Doggett were not admirers of his.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Name that Covington Used

Since Harold Covington is attempting to obfuscate after being caught red-handed using other people's names fraudulently, it should be helpful to bring forth yet more evidence.

Apparently Harold Covington in the second half of 2004 formed a Yahoo group called NotVNN, obviously in reaction to the diligent policing of VNN Forum's moderators against Covington and his endless sockpuppetry (e.g. here).* In some of his spam-solicitations for NotVNN Covington fraudulently used the name of Billy Roper. Ben Vinyard reported receiving an invitation to join that Yahoo group:

"Tired of getting kicked off VNN, banned, and refused registration?" begins the e-mail. I have received a couple of invitations from "different" sources, one of which was an e-mail account fraudulently using Billy Roper's name. [Ben Vinyard, VNN Forum, 22 October 2004]

Since Ben Vinyard was a friend and collaborator of Roper's at the time, there can hardly be any room for doubt here.

What we are seeing is a long-established pattern of behavior that continues still.
*VNN Forum was dominated by people who had been members of the National Alliance and still heeded Dr. William Pierce's warning against Covington's destructive influence.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Covington's Lame Attempt at an Excuse

On 18 April 2011, after somebody sympathetic to Harold Covington asked him to explain away my accusation that he fraudulently attributes comments on his blog to various well known White Nationalists (Fred Streed and Ron Doggett), Covington came up with the excuse that he himself was not doing this, but rather some "humorists" had done this without his awareness.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Covington Will Hijack Your Identity

In order to secure credibility for himself and his works, Harold Covington has fraudulently used the names of a number of well known White Nationalists. Recently the name of Ron Doggett, a longtime racial patriot, has appeared on Covington's Northwest Front blog. This screenshot was taken on 11 April 2011.

Covington also had posts on his blog more vaguely attributed to "Ron D.", and in his podcast of 18 November 2010 Covington claimed to be reading a letter from "Ron in Richmond." (Click here to listen.) All of this was clearly meant to convey the false impression that Ron Doggett was favorably disposed toward Harold Covington and receptive to his views. Ron Doggett has responded to this hijacking of his identity as follows:

It has been brought to my attention that a blog run by Covington had posts on it from a Ron or Ron D., Ron from Richmond and one even stated Ron Doggett, attacking Will Williams.

I want to make it clear I'm NOT the author of those posts (most likely Covington is), I consider Will Williams to be a long time friend and one of the best White patriot's I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His dedication to the cause has been proven time and time again.

If any "movement" Northwest or otherwise has Covington as its main spokesperson it is doomed regardless of any other issues. [Ron Doggett, VNN Forum, 14 April 2011]

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Covington Lies Demolished

"Murders That Never Happened" is a short excerpt from my much longer treatment of Harold Covington's defamation of Ben Klassen. I have found this convenient as a brief and indisputable demonstration of Harold Covington's brazen lying. Recently I posted it on The Occidental Observer, and asked Covington directly if he would like to back away from these accusations:

Covington, what do you mean you rest your case?

You have a paper trail of disgrace behind you that is not going away, especially since you yourself keep those issues alive by continuing the libels.

Let me ask you this Covington, since Chechar didn’t do it: do you still stand by the Barry Edwards and Dennis Witherspoon murder accusations that you’ve been making for decades, or do you now back away from those accusations since I contacted the relevant police agencies and they say that no such crimes occurred? [31 March 2011]

Covington's silence was conspicuous and telling, but more shocking was the lack of any expression of concern from onlookers, many of whom may have come to the discussion from a link that Covington posted on his own blog.

Nonetheless it had to be an embarrassment for any Covingtonista with at least half a brain when the examples were as clear as these:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Covington knows what he is doing.

Recently there has been a divergence of interpretation about the likely motive behind some of the claims that Harold Covington has published. The premise that Covington issues false personal attacks is not in question; it is most clearly demonstrated, for example, by the several false accusations of murder that Covington has leveled at Ben Klassen. The only question is whether Covington himself believes what he is saying. Basically it is a question of conscious lying or delusionality.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harold Covington Calls Dr. William Pierce a Federal Informant

In Harold Covington's "Radio Free Northwest" podcast dated 17 February 2011 there are several issues that I could discuss but I am particularly concerned with Covington's attack on Dr. William Pierce, which is an aspect of Covington's rumormongering hobby that he took up in the early 1990s. As is his usual practice, Covington placed the personal attack late in the program so as to build up some trust in the listener before dropping this payload. (Click here to listen.)

Covington said, “I would never be dumb enough to do what William Pierce did and let somebody hand me $300,000 in a briefcase that I knew damned well came from an armored car robbery.”

There are three problems with this statement.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is there any reason to be circumspect about Karl Allen as a source on Rockwell, Patler, and Koehl?

Rick Cooper featured in his polemic against Matt Koehl1 an accusation allegedly based on an incident that occurred in 1960, which Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin is said to have mentioned to Karl Allen, who then told an associate of his, who then told Rick Cooper: 

Years later, Crommelin told former deputy commander of the American Nazi Party (ANP), Karl Allen, that Mullins and Koehl were queers. Karl Allen later told former ANP member Christopher Bailey, and Chris then told Director Cooper in the early 1980s.

Harold Covington reproduces these sentences almost verbatim in his A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement.

There are at least two problems of credibility here. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

On the Murder of George Lincoln Rockwell

Shortly before noon on Friday, 25 August 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell left his home, and headquarters of his National-Socialist White People's Party, at 6150 Wilson Boulevard1 to do his laundry at the Econ-o-wash laundromat in the Dominion Hills Centre at 6013 to 6035 Wilson Boulevard. The location was described by the Associated Press as "across the busy highway from the old frame house that served as Rockwell's home -- and the barracks of his 'troopers'" (AP, 26 August 1967).

At the laundromat a witness, 60-year-old Ruby Pierce, said that Rockwell, "a tall, charming man," came in and talked about which washing machine to use. "He put his clothes in the washer and put his detergent in, and then he said, 'I forgot something,' or maybe he said, 'I forgot my bleach.'"