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Friday, June 24, 2011

Telltale Signs That I Did Not Write This

Since last April it has been demonstrated that Harold Covington's Northwest Front blog contains posts falsely attributed to Ron Doggett and Fred Streed, which have the obvious purpose of contributing speciously to Covington's credibility. Thereafter Jerry Abbott came forth and stated that in the mid-1990s Covington had also pretended to be him, although in Abbott's case Covington was doing it more to discredit him than to bolster himself.

Recently Harold Covington has drastically increased the frequency with which he makes fake posts on his blog in my name. He first did it in January 2011 when he had "Hadding Scott" admit to being "one of Cass Sunstein’s Cognitive Dissonance operatives," which was the fiction that Covington was peddling about me at the time.

Now he is making fake posts in my name that are a bit more believable.

This fake post actually contains an argument, consisting of ironically expressed skepticism about the feasibility of Covington's secessionist project. Some people might be fooled into thinking that this is authentic. This is not obvious tomfoolery like the post from January.

Covington however was not very careful in observing certain features of my writing. For one thing, since the early 1990s, following the example set by Dr. William Pierce, when referring to our race I always capitalize White.

Covington also did not pay much attention to the correct English rendering of German words, about which I am careful.

Covington writes "national socialism" -- two separate words. As I explained three weeks ago in a post on VNN Forum, this is wrong. In all my writing on this blog and on my other blogs and in my posts on fora (at least in the past few years), you will find that I consistently render the German word Nationalsozialismus in English with a hyphen, national-socialism.*

Another mistake that Covington makes is that he has me referring to him as "Fuhrer Covington." The German word is Führer or Fuehrer. "Fuhrer" is not a word. Those two little dots over the u are not just an ornament (as in some metal band's name). They represent the letter e. You either write the two little dots (called an umlaut) or you insert an e. Otherwise it's not correct.

If you see my name attached to any post on Covington's blogs, it is not I who wrote it.
* I make an exception when I write the name of Frank Collin's and Harold Covington's goofy 1970s "Hollywood Nazi" group, which called itself the "National Socialist Party of America." Since it's a proper noun I write it the way they wrote it, even thought they wrote it wrong.


  1. Well this is certainly bizarre. I, am in fact the one who wrote that second comment. And I remember signing my own name to it, as well. Just why that degenerate put your name on it is anyone's guess...

  2. Couldn't it have been you writing that post and inserting orthographical errors you knew would prove (or thought would prove) the post was not made by you, for the sole purpose of later making this vicious attack against Covington, painting him as a manipulator with "obvious" evidence to back it up?

    A kind of elaborate, false-flag attack against Covington, in other words.

    I hear your real name is Scott David Speidel. This sounds remarkably Jewish, while "Hadding Scott" sounds remarkably Aryan.

    - Paranoid greetings from Europe

  3. "Elaborate" is a well chosen word for your conspiracy-theory. "Paranoid," another word that exactly hits the mark.