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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Genesis of Harold Covington's Vendetta against Hunter Wallace and Robert Campbell

 This account was originally posted on Occidental Dissent.

The incident happened about a year ago.

I was on the road traveling in North Carolina at the time. While I was gone, Jack Ryan had posted a link to a Radio Free Northwest podcast, and Harold Covington showed up here to respond to his critics (Will Williams, I think) in the comments.

Apparently, Covington was using several sockpuppets to defend himself and to make it look like he had lots of followers. The sockpuppets were all coming from the same IP address in Washington state.

Robert Campbell was an OD administrator, caught HAC using the sockpuppets, and deleted several of them. At that point, Covington created some kind of Yahoo group where he accused Campbell of being a government agent and Occidental Dissent of being a false flag operation set up by the government to discredit him.

Like I said above, I was on the road at the time and thought the whole matter was silly and hoped that it would blow over in time. I didn’t think it was a big deal that Harold Covington was using sock puppets. I also just thought he was being paranoid to assume that we were government agents out to get him.

Remember the context here: I didn’t have a problem with Harold Covington at the time, regularly listened to his show, and was allowing Jack Ryan to promote Covington on Occidental Dissent, which is why Will Williams and others were over here fighting with him.

Far from trying to discredit Covington, OD was promoting him and exposing his work to a wider audience, even if some of us had some objections to his theory. That was the status quo for months after that whole incident.

We continued to link to his podcast. Robert Campbell complained about that for months. That eventually changed when Covington continued to attack us and accuse us of being government agents for no other reason than the fact Campbell caught him using sockpuppets on OD.

As silly as this may sound, Harold getting caught using sockpuppets on this website (by someone else, no less) is what led to him writing a whole book about me being a sexual pervert and President of the United States and arch enemy of the “Northwest Front.”

I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember the names of the sock puppets he was using. Robert Campbell would know. He was the one who deleted them.

According to Robert Campbell, these are some of the posts to which Hunter Wallace refers. The IPs of "Ricky Lang," "Brad Davis," and Harold Covington speaking as himself all match. This is from March 2010:

Ricky Lang |
Will Williams has been obsessed with Harold Covington to the point of insanity for 20 years now, and he has filled up megabytes of internet space with nothing but attacks on HAC. Back in 1998 it got so embarrassing to Dr. Pierce that Pierce had to kick him out of his post as membership secretary because Williams was misusing NA facilities to fight his feud with Covington.
From Re: Covington — an apology, 2010/03/10 at 5:25 PM
2010/03/10 Approve | Spam | Delete
Brad Davis | |
Will, could you do us all a big favor, and shut the F. up about your stupid little lawsuit? Nobody’s interested any more. Truth be told, nobody ever was, not even back when you were leeching off the National Alliance.
From Re: Covington — an apology, 2010/03/10 at 5:05 PM
2010/03/10 Approve | Spam | Delete

[Intervening post omitted.]

Harold Covington | |
Ref. Mr. Rudisill’s comments, I actually make it a total of five identifiable individuals who are generating at least 90% of the Space Madness. I deeply regret to say that one of them appears to be my own brother.
From Re: Covington — an apology, 2010/03/10 at 8:32 AM

Robert Campbell announced the discovery and warned Covington at the time:

Robert Campbell says:
Mr. Covington,

Using various pseudonyms, you have attempted several times to post derogatory comments about Will Williams to this thread. The names you have attempted to use for this purpose include Ricky Lang and Brad Davis. I know with certainty that these are your posts, because all of the comments originate from the same IP address as the user “Harold Covington.”

You came here under your own name, pretending to have moved past these petty interpersonal conflicts and seeking to mollify damage you’ve caused over the years, while at the same time you were pouring gasoline on the fire using anonymous sockpuppets. You didn’t even have the good sense to mask your IP address. Most of your comments were not allowed out of the moderation queue, nor will they be, and I will ban you if you don’t stop engaging in this counterproductive and ignoble behaviour.

You can read Campbell's full original post on Occidental Dissent.

You get an idea here of what kinds of statements Covington will make when talking through a sockpuppet, spewing insults and foul language, which he is less inclined to do when  speaking in his own voice. As Campbell explains, and as you can see, Covington tends to use sockpuppets for his dirty work while pretending to be above it all.

Another reason why Covington attacked Will Williams only through sockpuppets is that he is barred by a court order from making any public statement about Williams. Covington already owes the State of North Carolina a 30-day incarceration for violating that order, which was why he packed his suitcase and hurriedly left North Carolina in 1998.

"Brad Davis" and "Ricky Lang" is clearly not a complete list of all the sockpuppets that Covington had in play on OD. Covington refers to "Mr. Rudisill," which is yet another well known Covington sockpuppet name, discovered by VNN Forum moderator Ben Vinyard in October 2004.

The confirmation that "Brad Davis" was really Harold Covington is particularly valuable, since some material attacking Dr. William Pierce ("Thirty Questions for Dr. William L. Pierce") has been published under that fictitious name of a supposed former National Alliance member.


  1. Thanks for posting this Hadding. A friend linked this OC thread to me a week ago and I was not surprised. Yes, Harold does the same exact thing to his Wikipedia article. The citation for the sentence that says he served in the Rhodesian Army links to a book that says he actually worked as a low level clerk for a construction firm. Anytime this has been corrected, Harold reverts it. There are even some very humorous posts on the discussion page by him, which is how I found out it was him that was doing it (If you look at the edit history and discussion page his IP is

    When moderators tried to stop him, he created a new account to try to mask his efforts. Then on the discussion page he posts a link to his blog as evidence that he did serve. It provided no evidence and was just him claiming that he did serve. Ironically, the blog that said this was posted that exact same day.

    Also, nice blog you got going here. More people need to know about some of the fallacies in Harold's claims.

  2. Apparently Erica Hoesch confirmed over a decade ago that Brad Davis was Harold Covington, by checking IPs in email.

    "We were able to match the IP address from the original that was sent out by this so-called Bradford Davis up with the IP address of a reply to an e-mail we sent HAC, and they matched up perfectly. When this supposed Bradford Davis was confronted by us letting him know that we knew who he was, he had a very Covington-esque response and started throwing insults out at myself and the former NA staffer. (Like HAC always does when he gets his stupid self caught adding insult to injury) It kind of dwindled away after that, and I have heard little out of L. Bradford Davis until recently.

    "He appeared in one of our White Revolution forums recently, trying to stir up more nonsense and lies. His words have been regarded as just that...nonsense and least by myself and those who know who he REALLY is.

    "Don't believe anything you hear from Mr. I-Have-A-Thousand-Names-Including-Harold Covington-And-Bradford Davis. He's usually just trying to cause trouble."

  3. Hadding, you mention a couple of Covington's verifiable alter egos from that OD comment thread, and put up their phony comments, but mentioned "Bob Rudisill" only in passing, yet careless Covington, as "Bob," violates the Court Order per se by mentioning the plaintiff -- moi -- by name, in direct defiance of the Injunction. This is worth noting for the record:

    Bob Rudisill says:
    March 9, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    I think a large part of the crap that HAC gets comes from three people. The first two are Will Williams and Frazier Glenn Miller, (the Rounder referred to above), both of whom peaked in the 1980s and 1990s and are very much yesterday’s men, Movement-wise. The third is Alex Linder of the VNN website, who for reasons no one has ever been able to figure out seems to be joined to Miller at the hip.

    Covington has moved on, he has grown and developed ideologically, and he has learned the bitter lessons of the Movement’s past. These guys are stuck in a time warp and are still spinning their wheels; for them it will always be 1987.

    Three people can make an awful lot of noise on the internet, as HAC has found out to his cost.

  4. Here's the post of Covington as "Bob Rudisill" on Occiental Dissent, which is found immediately beneath one that Covington made under his own name:

    Apparently it was to this post that Covington was referring when he said "Ref. Mr. Rudisill’s comments."