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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Covington's Lame Attempt at an Excuse

On 18 April 2011, after somebody sympathetic to Harold Covington asked him to explain away my accusation that he fraudulently attributes comments on his blog to various well known White Nationalists (Fred Streed and Ron Doggett), Covington came up with the excuse that he himself was not doing this, but rather some "humorists" had done this without his awareness.

On its face that seems an airtight excuse. It is airtight insofar as "Ron Doggett" and "Fred S." are concerned, if you are willing to give Covington the benefit of the doubt, overlooking the fact that the verbiage, e.g. referring to Will Williams as "Willard," is typical Covington, and the fact that these fraudulent posts were not humorous.

However, we have the statement of Jerry Abbott that Covington was hijacking identities on the Internet as long ago as 1995 (Jerry Abbott, VNN Forum, 16 April 2011). It strains credulity to suggest that Covington was being framed like this over the course of so many years.

More solid proof of Covington's will to misrepresent consists in the fact that some of the spurious comments on Covington's Northwest Front blog are based in some small degree on comments that really were submitted. Robert Campbell and Circassian (a.k.a. Ivan on both submitted comments that Covington drastically altered.

Circassian had submitted this comment:

Greetings from behind the bushes, comrades,
I don’t know who Hadding Scott is, but he sounds like a reasonable man. He does very good job at exposing Harold’s lies, and considering the nature of Harold’s lies, it’s worth the effort exposing them to as many people as possible.
Thank you, Hadding Scott.
And you, Harold, please stop lying. Lying is not good for it can hurt you, and people associated with you, in ways you cannot foresee.
Well, our time is up now. So, that’s it for this week’s edition. This is not Harold Covington, and I’ll see you next week. Until then: Sasha and de Bum - Freedomgrin

One might expect some redaction of such a comment, or perhaps an outright rejection, but by the time it appeared on Covington's Northwest Front blog, Circassian's comment had somehow metamorphosed into this:

Greetings from behind the bushes, comrades,
I don’t know who Hadding Scott is, but from what I’ve read of his postings, he seems to be insane.

The underlined part is the same. The remainder represents roughly the opposite of what Circassian was saying.

Since we know who submitted the original comment (Circassian) and who controls the blog (Covington) it shouldn't take a genius to figure out who is falsely attributing statements to people on Covington's blog.

Anybody that still wants to give Covington a way to wiggle out of this accusation is going to have to allege a fairly wide conspiracy, involving me, Jerry Abbott, Circassian, and Robert Campbell. The diehard apologist must also assume that Covington does not observe the data relating to people posting on his blog, which seems extremely unlikely for somebody diagnosed as having a "paranoid personality."

No doubt, some of Covington's supporters will choose to believe that. These are people that seem to be capable of believing anything.

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